Policies and Procedures

Membership Policy:
• Membership cards and privileges are non-transferable. Membership registration must be completed in person at the Allentown Y. (Must have valid photo ID)
• There will be a $25 service fee for replacement of lost membership cards.
• Facility Memberships can be frozen for medical reasons only. Freeze will begin when we receive written notification. There is a monthly fee of $10 to freeze your membership account. Physician's approval for physical activity is required to resume membership. Some restrictions apply.
• A 30-day written notice is REQUIRED for membership cancellation. Minimum 90 day membership requirement. Membership fees are non-refundable and subject to the terms of enrollment.
• A 30-day lapse of membership for non-payment will require rejoining the YMCA & YWCA and paying the joining fee.
• Financial aid is available for programs and services at the Allentown YMCA & YWCA, as resources permit. Anyone who needs assistance meeting the fee for membership should complete a confidential financial aid form. Forms are available at the Welcome Center.
• CREDIT CARD, DEBIT CARD, CASH and PERSONAL CHECKS are accepted (There will be a $30 service fee for returned checks and insufficient funds. After two returned checks/insufficent funds,we will require a new form of payment.)

• Class cancellations due to inclement weather will not be made up. In case of inclement weather, please listen to WAEB (FM 104 & AM 790) or Channel 69.
• Refunds for program fees may only be made prior to the second class meeting and must be approved by the Program Director. Refunds are subject to a pro-rated basis and $10 processing fee.
• The YMCA & YWCA reserves the right to cancel a program due to insufficient enrollment.

Guest Policy:
Facility members (ages 18+) may bring three guests per year @ $10 each. Valid ID required.

A.W.A.Y. Program - Always Welcome at the Y
Hundreds of YMCAs across the United States are now in the A.W.A.Y. program, which enables our members to use other Y's when they travel either free of charge or at a reduced rate. Check with the Welcome Center for participating YMCAs.

Allentown Y Weapons Policy
Weapons of any kind are not permitted at any time on Y property, regardless of any valid license to posess. This includes firearms, tasers, large knives or other objects YMCA staff determine to be dangerous to the safety of our members and employees. Failure to adhere to this policy will result in termination of membership.